In this blog, I write about my personal thoughts and experiences related to the things I'm working on, significant events in my life, the problems I'm tackling, and the thoughts I vocalize.

  • Feb242024
    How to use group feature of Tailwindcss

    How to style an element based on the state of some parent element in Tailwindcss

  • Sep242023
    What is Diffing

    React is clever enough to know which DOM element has changed because of the concept of Diffing.

  • Sep242023
    The Kernel module in Ruby

    The Kernel module in ruby can be seen as a core component that provides essential methods for Ruby Objects.

  • Sep212023
    Open class

    Open Class in Ruby is the technique where you can define a class again to add or overwrite its methods dynamically at runtime.

  • Apr92018
    Job Seeker’s Dilemma

    This is a reminder that you don’t have to learn every single technology, library, paradigm, language, to be a great software engineer.

  • Feb72018
    My VS Code Setup

    When I set up VS Code for my day-to-day coding I install these extensions.